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Justus - Cinema of the Dead

2011 - „JUSTUS - Cinema of the Dead“ is a partly true mockumentary about Justus Dallmer. As a trash-fan, he tells us about his movies and plays and what it means to do „trash“. A weird experiment with a mix of truth, fiction and extemporization.


short version (without interview), engl subs

long version (with interview), engl subs

Justus - Making Of

Making of - German only

German version, no subs


"Grün" (2010) A bavarian boy trys to convince every adult in his surrounding that a swamp monster is on the loose. Unfortunatly he was right.

German only version also on the youtube channel...

German version, engl. subs

Pipe Burst of the Dead

"Pipe Burst of the Dead" - 2009 is Simon Lahm's first movie in which a plumber meets his dead friend and a strange old lady. A little zombie flick and very trahsy of course!

German version, no subs

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